Accounting Tools and Templates

Welcome to our collection of accounting tools and templates, designed to streamline your financial processes and enhance your financial management. Whether you’re a small business owner, an accountant, or a finance professional, our carefully curated selection of tools and templates will empower you to effectively track expenses, manage budgets, and simplify complex financial calculations.

A laptop with a Microsoft excel of a Nonprofit Budget Template

Nonprofit Budget Template

We understand the difficulties that many nonprofit organizations encounter when budgeting, which is why we created a free and user-friendly budget template.

Our nonprofit budget template comes equipped with inserted formulas, enabling seamless calculations for various financial elements, saving you time and effort in manual calculations.

A computer screen that shows a chart of accounts template on microsoft excel

Chart of Accounts Template

Simplify and streamline your financial management with our user-friendly Chart of Accounts Template. The document makes it easy to categorize accounts, calculate financial data with pre-inserted formulas, and integrates with QuickBooks.

Month Close Checklist

Effortlessly streamline your month-end financial activities, saving valuable time and ensuring accurate and timely reporting.

Our Month-End Template provides a process for monthly financial organization. Using it, you can create a daily to-do list to ensure that nothing gets overlooked. 

'Our Process' written in bold letters, overlaying a globe and money symbol, representing the process of Velu accounting

Small Business & Nonprofit Accounting Resources

Our financial resources empower informed decisions with up-to-date, relevant best practices.

Nonprofit Balance Sheet Guide & Template

Nonprofit Balance Sheet Guide & Template

What is a Nonprofit Balance Sheet? The Nonprofit Balance Sheet or Statement of Financial Position reflects the financial stability of the organization. It allows stakeholders, including donors, grantors, board members, and management, to assess the organization's...

Nonprofit Audit Checklist

Nonprofit Audit Checklist

The financial health and transparency of a nonprofit organization is paramount, not only for the leadership and beneficiaries but also for donors, sponsors, and the public. A nonprofit audit is an essential method for maintaining transparency and accountability. This...

Statement of Functional Expenses Template for Nonprofits

Statement of Functional Expenses Template for Nonprofits

Managing and presenting financial information accurately is essential for any organization. For nonprofit entities the statement of functional expenses (often referred to as a SOFE) is not just crucial; it's often mandatory. This statement provides a breakdown of how...

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