Master Your Nonprofit’s Budget

Understand The True Cost of Your Programming and Grow Your Nonprofit Confidently

Profit-Focused Accounting for Nonprofits

Tailored Accounting Services

Customize packages built for your organization so you can focus on growing your programs

Cutting Edge
Tech Stack

Tech custom-built for the nonprofit industry to automate processes and simplify reporting

Profit Focused Accounting

Drive better future performance by analyzing profit drivers and regularly reporting on your Key Performance Indicators

Our Growth Mindset

We call it “profit-focused accounting for the nonprofit industry.” Keeping finances up to date isn’t easy. Thats why we manage grants, donations, program expenditures, earned income, and all other essential nonprofit financials. 

Our work allows nonprofit leaders to scale their programming confidently by understanding the true cost of a program. We provide CFO services so that changemakers can focus on just that– making an impact in their community.

A man in business attire reviews financial information on an Apple iPad

Why Velu?

Albert Varas, CEO of the Latino Center of the Midlands, crosses his arms and smiles at the camera.

Albert Varas
Executive Director

“Tyler has been a fantastic financial leader for us and we have tripled our budget in the past couple of years with Tyler’s guidance and expertise.”

Erin Busch, founder of Wildflower Composers, rests her hand on her face as she smiles at the camera.

Erin Busch

“Tyler was amazing to work with! He was extremely clear and consistent. I would highly recommend Tyler and his team to anyone who is looking for help getting started.”

Jade Rogers, Founder of House of Afros Capes and Curls, smiles at the camera

Jade Rogers

“Detail oriented, thorough, great service and a pleasure to work with! I have nothing but praise for Velu + Tyler!”